So, How is 2020 Going for You?

Accomplishments (Moments of Appreciation)

1. First work trip to Munich, Germany in February 2020.

2. Family Time. Lots of it.

3. I fixed my broken metabolism.

4. I am still writing regularly on Medium.

5. I’ve been consistently learning new choreographies.

6. Work has been exciting.

  • I’ve been working from home since February and serious am in love with it. I understand it may not work for everyone, but it’s the perfect format for someone like me who much prefers structured days with minimal interruptions.
  • Because of this work arrangement, I’ve actually been able to achieve so much more at work comparing to last year. I now have much longer focused time to create. I code a lot, mostly making my own ideas into realities while learning new stuff every day. It’s the dream. I love the freedom I now have to organize my routine. Exercising and taking showers in the middle of the day is no longer an impossible mission. If I get worn out in the afternoon, I can take a break and hop on again in the evening. I have been much more productive. I have built projects and accomplished goals I have never thought possible.



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