Notion Doesn’t Work. Here is Why.

A new tool doesn’t automatically make you more productive

Notion Logo
Notion Logo
Notion Logo

The Learning Curve

Notion is a beautifully designed product. The minimalist UI really wants you to believe that it’s easy to use. However, the amount of time it took for me to understand basics of Notion is longer than any other productivity tools I’ve used. I am talking about Google Doc, Evernote, Google Keep, etc.., all products Notion wants you to give up.

The Switching Cost

If you’re an average person trying to be a little more organized, you probably already have a set of tools you’ve been using. The personal organization software space is very crowded already with a few big players. The organization techniques we’re familiar with are simple: checklists, calendars, notes, links, planners etc.. All these products we’re using incorporate one or more of these techniques, which means the fundamental ideas for organization are the same, no matter what you choose to use to help you facilitate it.

The Motivation

Let’s say you finally have your workspace set up and pages all organized. Now what? The Notion pages won’t start filling up with content themselves. It’s now on the users to maintain and scale the content. If you don’t actively do this, Notion is useless. However, the lack of motivation to stay on top of things is something people struggle with constantly. Notion isn’t helpful in addressing this. It won’t magically help you discover motivations and stay persistent in your journey. Simply put, to organize knowledge, knowledge has to exist first. This will not come from Notion, or any other tools for that matter. It has to come from you.

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